Are Quechua Tents Any Good?

Types Of Quechua Tents

Quechua is the tent brand of Decathlon and under this brand, there are several brilliant models to choose from. I can’t list every single one here in this guide but I’d like to introduce you to some of the very best to show you why Quechua tents are so good. 

2 Second Fresh And Black

Fresh And Black is the name given to the range of Quechua tents that benefit from the use of a special blackout fabric. The idea of this fabric is to keep the inside of your tent dark once the sun has come up and to keep it nice and cool.

The main advantage of this is that you aren’t woken at the crack of dawn as soon as the sun peeks over the horizon. It would seem that a lot of tent manufacturers think the outdoorsy people are also early risers but come on; everyone likes to lie in from time to time. Where it might not be possible due to heat and light in other tents, with a Quechua, you can sleep in until you’re rested and ready to get up.

On top of this the 2 Second Fresh and Black tent is ideal for bad weather since it’s one of the most waterproof tents on the market. Both the walls and the fly are rated at 2000mm so even if you’re camping in slightly heavier rain, you won’t end up getting dripped on. You only need to take a look at the thousands of reviews from people that use Quechua tents to see how well they perform in wet weather. 

In hot weather, you’re going to want to make sure that there is sufficient ventilation in your tent but that isn’t a problem with Quechua tents since there are two side panels which can be opened and underneath you’ve got mesh walls. If that’s not enough, you can also open the rear flysheet to further improve airflow through the tent. 

That said, these mesh panels could be a little larger, especially when you look at some of the competing models that have much bigger mesh walls. It certainly isn’t a deal breaker for me but it’s something I’d be happy to see an improvement on in future models. Moreover, a lot of other pop up tents benefit from a mesh roof so you can stare at the stars before dozing off but the Quechua tent doesn’t.

One of the best things about the 2 Second Fresh and Black is how easy it is to put up. However, I think two seconds is a bit generous as you’ll probably need to spend more like thirty seconds getting it all ready but still, that’s massively less than other types of tents so I won’t complain too much about this. 

In order to get the tent set up, you’ll need to take off the buckles and once it has taken shape, there’s the issue of securing it. But again, this literally takes minutes so you’ll still have plenty of time to relax around the campfire. 

Quechua 2 Second Fresh and Black tents are pretty much what you would expect when it comes to space. If you go for the three man tent then this measures 71 inches across which equals around 24 inches per person. But as with any tent, it’s always worth sizing up to avoid being cramped in like sardines. The tent measures 41 inches in height so you won’t be able to stand but sitting up should be doable for most people.

If you wanted a larger version of the Fresh and Black then you’re in luck as there is an XL version. This benefits from all the same features but is much more spacious. Even the three man model is a foot wider than the original so it’s great if you need a bit more personal space.

There is also the 2 Second Easy Fresh and Black which is very similar to the previous two models I have talked about but the structure differs just a little. This is in terms of size with the tent being another 10 inches wider so provides even more space. As with the other Quechua Fresh and Black tents, you’ll have this one set up in less than 60 seconds. 

Quechua Arpenaz

I love the Fresh and Black tents for things like overnight stops on multi day hikes, festivals, and other short breaks. However, if you’re going away for several nights and need a tent to provide much more than just shelter while you sleep then there is an answer and that’s the Quechua Arpenaz. 

We’re looking at the 4.1 model which boasts a bedroom and a decent sized living space. This means that there is space to eat, relax or keep any additional gear out of the elements. What’s more, the roof height of this tent is 75 inches which is suitable for most people to comfortably stand up.

In terms of how many people this tent sleeps, you’re looking at between two and three. The bedroom measures 95 inches across so it might even be possible to sleep four but you’ll probably find this a little too cosy. For families with young children, however, the bedroom is more than sufficient. 

Just like the Fresh and Black, when you buy the Arpenaz, you’re getting a tent that isn’t going to let water come flooding through if the weather changes. Again, this one is rated at 2000mm but the flooring is an impressive 5000mm. This means that ground water won’t be a problem even if the rain decides to fall by the bucket load. 

As with the previous tent, there are mesh panels to allow for improved ventilation and these are located at the front and rear of the tent. But there is a bit of an issue with these vents in that they can interfere with how waterproof the Arpenaz is in a windy storm. However, the wind would need to get to more than 30 miles per hour for this to be a problem.

Now, when I talked about the Fresh and Black, I was very excited to share how easy these tents were to put up. But you’re not going to have the same luxury if you buy the Arpenaz. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not rocket science but you’ll need considerably longer to get everything set up. Usually this can be done in around a quarter of an hour if there’s a couple of you putting the tent up and that’s because this is not a pop up design. 

Quechua Air Seconds Inflatable Tent

Quechua doesn’t limit itself to pop up tents and traditional tents. Oh no, there is also an inflatable option which I just love! A lot of people have had doubts about this type of tent saying that there was really nothing wrong with the traditional pole and canvas design but when you think about it, there are benefits to having an inflatable tent.

For starters, they’re so easy to set up. The process is as simple as placing the tent on the ground and securing it before filling it with air. It takes no time at all and is usually finished in around five minutes. 

Also, they’re a lot safer if you have children owing to the lack of poles which could be a safety hazard. 

And if that wasn’t enough then you have to consider the durability of these inflatable tents. There is no chance of anything snapping which could happen with tent poles and if a hole does form, these are really easy to fix. 

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