Cute Shoes With Arch Support

In a world where looking good is at the top of people’s priority list, there’s no longer a place for clunky, unstylish shoes. And it’s not a bad thing that we want to look our best. My mother always taught me that first impressions matter so choosing nice looking shoes doesn’t make you vain. It makes you human. 

The good news is that there are some shoe manufacturers that have heard the cry of fashion lovers in need of a comfortable and supportive shoe. As such, there are more and more of this type of footwear coming onto the market. You still have to look a little harder to find the best styles but we’ve put together this guide so you don’t have to work as hard to find your perfect shoe. 

Why Do You Need Arch Support?

If you look at the world of fashion, or if you’ve ever worn a pair of the latest on trend shoes, you’ll know that comfort isn’t always the most important thing. But regardless of the type of shoe you are wearing, it’s so important to look after your feet; they’re carrying you from A to B, after all. 

Our feet have an arch to support our entire body weight as we walk; that’s a massively important job so we need to make sure that we give our foot arches the correct support. If we don’t, then they’re not as easily able to do their job.

By choosing shoes with good arch support, we are giving out feet a whole world of benefits which include:

  • Reducing overpronation

  • Improved shock absorbency

  • Taking pressure off the Achilles tendon

  • Improved posture and spinal alignment

  • Improve pain in the plantar fascia

Moreover, we have to consider that no two people have the same foot arch. When we’re born, our feet are flat and our arches develop over the course of childhood and adolescence. Some people’s feet remain flat and so it’s even more essential to have good arch support to stop the foot from rolling. 

Other people have high arches and this can lead to pain in the muscles and joints. But this pain doesn’t end in the feet, it can actually run all the way through the ankles and legs and even into the low back. By choosing shoes with excellent arch support, you can reduce pain in these areas.

For those with a normal foot arch, additional support is not usually required. There are shoes that are neutral and designed for people with normal foot arches. That said, finding comfortable and supportive shoes is never a bad thing, especially when you can find something that’s super stylish as well. 

The Best Cute Shoes With Arch Support

The shoe market has burst wide open with lots of beautiful products that support your feet and look great. If you’ve struggled to find stylish shoes that offer support then this list of mini reviews is for you. We’ve put together a collection of some of the best cute shoes with arch support and there’s something for every occasion.

Things To Consider When Buying Cute Shoes With Arch Support

When buying your new shoes, you’ll need to think about a few things if you want to find the perfect pair. The shoes we have talked about in this guide are all of the best quality and will give your feet the support they need. But it’s important to remember that not all shoes are made equal and may perform differently depending on your needs. To get the best shoe, take the following points into consideration. 


It doesn’t matter how good the arch support is in a shoe, if it doesn’t fit properly then it’s never going to do its job. This is why it’s really important to size your feet and try on shoes before you commit to anything. 

If you’re able to shop in store then take the time to try on various shoes and give them a trial run. The great thing about shopping online these days is that you usually get a decent return period so you can test the shoes for fit before you make a decision. 

Shoes should fit snugly around the foot without feeling too tight. If they are loose, they’ll not only underperform but the friction will likely cause blisters. If you’re shopping for an active shoe such as trail runners or hiking shoes, this is the last thing you want. 

Off The Shelf or Custom?

For a lot of people, buying shoes off the shelf will provide more than enough comfort and support, especially if you commit to buying from a reputable brand. 

However, there are some people with certain foot conditions that would benefit from having custom orthotics made. If you require additional support or want a shoe that perfectly matches your arch then this is definitely the way forward. The great thing about this is that these orthotics slip inside your shoe so you aren’t limited to style or type. 


When choosing shoes with arch support, it’s really important to look at the materials from which they are made. We’re not talking about the upper material, although you will want something that’s durable, as much as we are talking about the material of the support itself. 

Different shoes will have arch support made from different materials; some are firmer and some are more bouncy. If you suffer with conditions such as plantar fasciitis then you’d probably benefit from something a little firmer. In this case, think about choosing shoes with a cork arch support.

However, if you have diabetes and suffer with foot problems then it’s much better to go for a softer material. There are shoes whose arch support is made from plastazote based materials and these are far superior for people with diabetes. 

Wear Your Shoes In

If you are buying active shoes for adventures like hiking, running or cycling then it’s incredibly important to wear the shoes in before you head off. To do this, you’ll need to make sure you wear the shoes for at least two weeks in short bursts. Wearing them around the house is usually the best option. 

When you’ve done this, you’ll then need to wear them for a short walk; maybe a half day hike, before you head off on longer adventures.  


There’s nothing quite as frustrating as trying to find stylish shoes that also offer excellent arch support. In the past, it has seemed that shoe manufacturers choose to prioritise fashion or comfort; never both. 

But that is changing and you can now find more fashionable shoes that offer amazing arch support and superior comfort. 

There are a few important things to think about when it comes to choosing the right arch support shoes but once you’ve figured out what you need, we’re happy to say that we’ve found some beautiful products. 

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