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In 2020, Prabha Gopinath bought a camper van with dreams of taking an extended overland journey from Alaska to the southern tip of South America. But there was a different, long-overdue trip he wanted to take first—with his adult son Sid.

Prabha grew up loving the outdoors, spending summers fishing and playing outside in South India. “For me, that was heaven,” he says. He adored everything about camping, from the army surplus tents to cooking on a kerosene stove. After immigrating to the U.S. in 1982 to study, Prabha continued to camp and hike, exploring national parks and parts of the Appalachian Trail.

He and his son Sid have talked for several years about camping together in national parks. The last time they did, Sid was in middle school. “It feels like we’re both getting older, and this might be one of our last chances to take a trip like this,” says Sid.

In the new documentary short film Finding Our Wild, co-directed by Sid and Aditya Joshi, Sid and his father embark on a weeklong camping trip to explore Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Rocky Mountain National Parks. Along the way, they talk about Prabha’s immigration experience, how memories are made (and forgotten) over the course of a lifetime, and what it means to watch each other grow older. We get a glimpse into their home movies and photo albums, learning about their family history and evolving relationships with the outdoors, as well as the ongoing shift in their own relationship.

Produced in partnership with REI Co-op Studios, Finding Our Wild is as much a story about Sid and Prabha as it is about the histories, stories and connections that we all share. Watch the film now—and then get outside and make new memories with the people you love.


Sid Gopinath – Producer, Director
Aditya Joshi – Producer, Director
Kristian Melom – Director of Photography
Shayar Bhansali – Editor
Yasmin Williams – Composer
Marika Litz – Colorist
Cape Sound – Post Sound
Gavin Carlton – Visual Effects

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