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Date of Last Revision: November 3, 2022 Thanks for considering our request to potentially use and share your social media post.  Please review the ...

Could 2022 Be the Year of the Boundary Waters?

Northern Minnesota—​​“sky-tinted water” in the Dakota language—is best navigated via canoe. Here, nearly 1,175 lakes are linked to one another via ...

Outdoor Op Ed: What Is Environmental Racism, and What Can We Do about It?

Even now, during one of the most progressive periods of our nation’s history, when “inclusivity” and “diversity” are common buzzwords, there remains an ...

What Is A French Motorhome Aire?

France is an incredibly diverse country with lots to explore. From mountainous regions to soaring coastlines, lakes and many wonderful cities. It’s ...

Strawberry Picking Near Me | Campfire Magazine

Strawberries start fruiting any time from the early summer all the way through to the beginning of autumn. These sweet red fruits are a favourite ...

What’s The Difference Between A Hill And A Mountain?

The terms hill and mountain are often used interchangeably. It’s easy to see why, since both a rising formation of land and to be honest, not many ...

How To Lock A Tent

When you look at a tent, you can clearly see that these structures are not the most secure things in the world. While camping on an organised ...

Good Gear: Nocs Provisions and Amelia Winger-Bearskin Partner to Honor Native Lands

“Ultimately, binoculars are this tool that allows you to be present,” says Chris McKleroy, outdoorsman, founder and CEO of binocular brand Nocs Provisions. ...

Introducing: Reciprocity Project Season 1

“We’re here as guests, and we’re here to be as careful and as responsible as we can be.” – Thomas Belt, from “ᎤᏕᏲᏅ (What They’ve Been Taught)” by Brit ...

“We Are All on Native Land”

My family and I recently embarked on a road trip through the American Southwest, which is home to dozens of Native American tribes, including the Navajo, ...

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