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What’s In My Pack with Ibraheem Basir of A Dozen Cousins

When asked what his ideal day outdoors would be, Ibraheem Basir hardly skips a beat: ...

What Is A Folding Caravan?

Folding caravans are exactly what they sound like; caravans with solid foldable walls. ...

No Cook Food To Take Camping Without A Fridge

If you’re going camping then you will know that you have to take a lot of gear. But ...

Taste of Fresh Air: Four Hikes and What We Ate

“Camp food is weird but surprisingly delicious,” I texted my sister one morning last ...

Uncommon Challenge: Living Life Out of Packing Cubes

When it comes to tidying, I am the polar opposite of Marie Kondo. Ask my partner, my ...

Strawberry Picking Near Me | Campfire Magazine

Strawberries start fruiting any time from the early summer all the way through ...

Ask an Outsider: My friend is a great adventure partner, but he’s flaky. What should I do? 

Welcome to Ask an Outsider. We are here to answer your most pressing questions about ...

Maybe It’s Time We Gave Up the Campfire

I grew up looking forward to campfires on family trips. Someone was getting it going ...


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